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Explore your mindset.

Whether at home, at play, or at work, mindset affects all aspects of your life.

Your mindset is a collection of thought patterns and beliefs that shape your view of reality.  It's a story that you tell yourself about your identity and the world around you. 


Mindset Counseling is a strength-based approach to therapy that guides you toward a retelling of your personal history of traumas, stressors, and pain.  Emphasizing you as a survivor rather than as a victim, Mindset Counseling helps you to identify your strengths and survival skills. The goal is for you to recognize that you already have the skills and strength to survive and can use those same strengths to deal with tough situations in other areas of your life.

About Us

Counseling Services

For Individuals
  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief and loss

  • Self esteem issues

  • Trauma

For Athletes
  • Confidence training

  • Emotional regulation

  • Peak mental performance 

  • Motivational training

  • Performance anxiety 

For Employees
  • Career development

  • Workplace dynamics

  • Job transitions

  • Career satisfaction

  • Work/Life balance




Bluewave Center

1400 Main Street

Follansbee, WV 26037

Tel: 304 224 6769 

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