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Fall into a deep relaxation while floating in 12” of salt water in a spacious float suite. Go full sensory deprivation (no lights or sound) or keep the lights on with meditative music to help you relax. Floating in this tank makes you feel weightless so you can enter into a deeply relaxed state!

There are both psychological and medical benefits to float therapy! It can help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, improve mood, soothe chronic pain, and reduce chronic fatigue, as well as many other benefits.

It is recommended to float 60-90 minutes for the best results. Book a single or couple float at our beautiful wellness spa.

60 minute float - $75 a session (add $25 for an additional person)

Package of 4 (60 minute) sessions - $260

90 minute float - $100 per session (add $25 for an additional person)

Package of 3 (90-minute) sessions - $240

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